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Book Synopsys

Wartville is being buried in trash! There are soda bottles under the flowers, juice cans by the mailbox, and newspapers along the road. Every day the piles grow higher and higher.

Then one tidy old man realizes he has the power to get rid of all the trash forever. Wartville will finally be cleaned up once and for all!

Meet Don Madden; Illustrator, Artist, & Author

Don Madden is a well-known illustrator of children’s books. Wartville Wizard is the second book he has written. Don lives in Ballston Spa, New York.

What Others are Saying about The Wartville Wizard…

Madden’s ecology lesson is humorous, and his breezy, colorful illustrations add to the comic and trash-laden predicament in which the citizens of Wartville find themselves.

School Library Journal

I read this book to a second-grade class. They loved it! The message it gives about taking care of the environment is great. It is a little lengthy, so they would not have been able to read it on their own. It was a great book used for a social studies lesson.

Marguerite McMahon

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